I’ve had the most fabulous weekend

I had the most amazing weekend, and I was feeling so happy and positive. It started with my best friends Birthday on Friday night, we had a BBQ with our friends and some family. 2 of our friends have recently had babies, so I got lots of cuddles and fell very much in love. Our friends were so thankful I was there, especially Pete and Beth, their little girl was 13 days old, and they wouldn’t stop thanking me. I said to them I would give them a break, and hold her, so that they could just switch off for a little bit and eat together for the first time in nearly 2 weeks, and were able to have actual grown up conversations.
I also then helped get another friends 9 13 week old little girl off to sleep after she had been trying for 30 minutes.
Harry spent the evening playing with Freia, my god-daughter and daughter of my oldest and best friend. She adores him, she is usually all about me, but as soon as Harry is about she ignores me for him. It made my heart melt watching her with him. He would come over and give me a kiss, and stroke the sleeping baby’s head. To get me a drink and ask if I want any food. Everyone was saying how great he is. Which he is. He even helped Alex and I clean up once everyone had gone.

Saturday morning was a lazy one, we stayed in bed late and then I gave Harry a massage, because he has been in bad pain with his back for about a week. Pain killers hadn’t been helping and he was getting annoyed with missing training. I had been trying to get him to accept a massage for a few days, and him just saying “It’s too deep, you won’t reach it.” Late Saturday morning he finally gave in and let me do it, and he loved it. He had a full body massage in the end and I spent about an hour and a half just working on him.
He then gave me one, and we were both very chilled and happy. He couldn’t believe how great he felt after it. – Then we had sex. And he felt even better. He’s gone to training tonight and he is so pleased.
We ran a few errands then came home and chilled with the dogs and finished watching a TV show we had gotten addicted to. We then went through everything we needed to do for our wedding day still. All of the things left to book or arrange, and make.
We went through the whole day, start to finish and wrote down every part of it so it will be perfect for us and our guests, and we then knew what we had to make. So that we could space it all out over the next 6 months, and not leave anything until the last few weeks and everything getting stressful.
We had such an amazing time.

Sunday morning we then went to Tesco and got a few bits, before coming home and doing chores together. Harry than dropped me off at the pub down the road so I could celebrate a dear friends 21st birthday and to also say goodbye before she goes to South Africa for 10 months. I had a lovely afternoon in the pub, chatting to lots of people and having a nice time, then Harry picked me up as he didn’t want me walking down the dual carriage way. I then made dinner, just a little snack and Harry and I spent more time to bed watching our TV shows and cuddling.

Recently it has felt like I couldn’t be happier, and then my mum even commented tonight saying “You can tell he loves you more and more every day… It’s lovely.”

I had made dinner, apparently it was so good Harry tasted a bit and he proclaimed from the kitchen whilst I was in the other room “Fuck yeah! My wife can cook!”
He jokes all the time that he knew he wanted to marry me when he tasted my cooking for the first time.
Then suddenly, my day took a massive spiral down hill and I cant talk about it, but it brought on tears. I can’t write about it. But…. URGH!!!!!!!!!!!!


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