Yes I am awake again

I’ve previously mentioned about how I suffer from insomnia. I recently discovered the term ‘Painsomnia’. This is defined as “Lack of sleep or inability to obtain sufficient sleep due to physical suffering or distress, especially when chronic.” 942a0c89fa173061ce88550807311c94

In a way I wish I could say that my lack of sleep is entirely caused by my pain, but I can’t. I have always been cursed by insomnia, as I previously mentioned in a blog post, even as a baby my mother tells of how I didn’t sleep through the night until I was 4 years old, and that I never had naps in the day time either. My body has always functioned on little sleep.

However, it is days and nights like this that I hate. I’ve been waiting all week to get to Sunday so I could rest and sleep, and here I am, nearly at midnight and no closer to dreamland than I was this morning.
I am in a lot of pain today, because of the week I’ve had, but as I lie here, drugged up, yet still in pain, physically exhausted, eyes stinging from tiredness, I cannot sleep. Harry and the dogs are around me snoring, and I can’t join them. All day I have been in bed hoping that I’ll drop off and sleep right through like my bosy desperately needs, but as of yet no such luck.

The Amitriptyline I took at 7pm hasn’t kicked in, nor the co codemal or morphine I’ve taken. Harry massaged my back, to relax the muscles there, so they wouldn’t pull across my stomach and releave the pain. It worked for a while, and I even got sleepier, but as soon as I lay down to sleep… BAM I’m awake again.

I am getting off here now, so you’re lucky it’s a short one. I know I shouldn’t be on electronics if I want to sleep, but really it makes no difference to me.


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