Is self-diagnosis ever a good thing?

I have been quiet for a few days because I have been busy doing research. As you all know I am determined to find a proper diagnosis and in turn a cure for whatever it is that I have.

Following the hospitalisation that I went through last year – actually it’s exactly a year, June last year I was in hospital following the 2nd op, where I underwent 3 operations in 3 weeks, and nearly died. Since that time I have never really recovered and I have been suffering ever since. For a year I have been in pain and getting worse. I have never fully recovered and my body has been on a downward spiral ever since. I have been back and forth from hospital admissions and appointments, I’ve had more pointless tests, and I have nearly weekly GP visits, trying to desperately find answers as to why my body was failing me at the age of 26. I turn 27 next week, and I spent my last birthday in the hospital and I am determined after this one, that I will never spend another birthday ill or in hospital.
So I have spent the last few days doing some proper research. What set this off was everytime I visit my reflexologist she tells me that my adrenal glands are showing up in my feet. Whenever she touches the part of my foot connected to the adrenal glands it is painful to me and she says it pops anytime she massages that part.
She told me that in her opinion my adrenal glands were struggling from everything that I’ve been through. She has been working really hard on my adrenals for a few weeks, and for the day after I’ve been to feel her I am suddenly awake. I have energy, even if it is for a few hours after my appointment, and I also have occasional panic attacks after I’ve had the adrenal glands worked on.
According to my reflexologist and even my doctor this is perfectly normal. It shows that something isn’t right with regards to my body especially the adrenal glands.
Event though my doctor said this they didn’t go ahead and do anything about it. They didn’t seem worried, which just hasn’t sat right with me. So I decided that it is time for me to take things in to my own hands and look at possibilities. Possibilities of what it could be that I am suffering from, possibilities of cures, possibilities of a diagnosis and the possibilty of a normal life in the future.

So I have taken the time to write down all of the symptoms that I suffer from so that when I have my appointment next week with the new surgeon I can hand them over and I won’t forget anything. I did this because I always feel like I have forgotten something whenever they ask me to describe my symptoms, or they get sidetracked by one and I never get to tell them everything, or even worse, it feels like they don’t ever really listen to me. I won’t let this happen again. I will give them the list and I will not be ignored anymore.

So here we go. Here is the full list of my symptoms. I have written literally everything that happens to me on a daily or regular basis, and here’s photographs of them, as I was too lazy to type them out again. IMG_7799FullSizeRender(1)FullSizeRender(2)

There’s probably a few missing, but there they are, every single embarrassing symptom.

Aside from writing down all of my symptoms I decided to do some research in to the adrenal glands. I briefly touched upon ‘Adrenal Fatigue’ here in this blog. But I actually started to do some research in to the adrenal glands and what adrenal fatigue really is.

It isn’t a condition that many doctors or GP’s take too seriously. I found a number of articles and blog posts by people who also have adrenal fatigue and how hard it was for them to be taken seriously by GP’s. Their struggle was long. This is one that I found, and I found it fascinating reading. I was relating so much to these women that I started googling adrenal glands and their related problems. I was swamped with symptoms and as I read them they started to look all too familiar. I took the list I had made and was now comparing my symptoms to those I could see on the screen before me. Each one I would read on the computer and think – check. I would keep reading and I have found that I have 99% of the symptoms. I am just missing some of the rarer ones.
I was worried that I was being a hypochondriac. You know one of those people who puts their symptoms in to Google, and what was just a headache is now a brain tumor and they have days to live.
So I sent over all the links that I had found to my mum for her to read through. I said to her “Can you look over these and tell me what you think?”
30 minutes later she had messaged me back saying “Book a GP appointment but keep a list and we will take it to the specialist. I think you have this too.” I cannot tell you how good it felt to see those words. I wasn’t being mad, someone else was seeing it too. Every symptom I have aligned with this, all the signs are pointing towards Adrenial fatigue and even Addison’s Disease. The more I read about Addison’s disease the more I become worried and convinced that my body is heading in that way, of moving from adrenal fatigue to Addison’s disease

I am going to speak to my reflexologist again. Ask her to really work on my adrenal glands again, and ask if she knows if there is anything I can do or try in the mean time to help with my adrenal glands and their function.
But I also have this new determination:


I have waited too long for answersand every day I feel worse than before. I have been doubting the medical profession since this whole thing started. I have become more open to herbal or alternative therapies, I have found that they work and would urge anyone to give them ago. Whilst my reflexologist isn’t allowed to tell me to ignore an actual doctors orders or whatever, she is allowed to advise me and it is up to me if I choose to try anything she has suggested. The fact that I am feeling the benefits, even if briefly, after my treatment so it makes me feel that she is on to something and I would be more willing to take her advise over the doctors for the time being. She also believes everything that I say, and actually the first appointment that I had with her, she didn’t want to know what was wrong, she started feeling my feet and then told me what she found. And no word of a lie… she was spot on. She pcked up on my left shoulder, the neck, the appendix being gone, stomach and bowel issues, my adrenal gland and other things. I was amazed that she had known all of this from my feet.

So for the time being, I am writing down any of my symptoms that I suffer from and my mum has demanded that I stay put in bed. She will not let me do anything really. I had to go out last night for Harry’s dads birthday, but she has told me today I am to take it easy. I haven’t been relaxing as much as someone with a serious fatigue syndrome should.
I am worried that it might be Addison’s Disease, because it seems like a very serious condition if left untreated, so I am worrying that if the doctors take a long time to take me seriously and put off sending me for tests that it could become really bad and really dangerous. However at the same time I am excited that I could be one step closer to finding out what is really wrong with me and getting it under control. Coming up with a plan of action for me to rehablitate and to get back to a normal life. I’ve been reading up and those with adrenal fatigue just need lots of rest, and a few tablets some times until their bodies have recovered fully and they can go back to a normal life. I’ve also been reading up on Addison’s Disease, and once they have been fully diagnosed they are given medication and they go on to live perfectly normal lives, which right now is all that I can dream of.

Obviously there is a chance that I could be wrong and it could all be a coincidence but it doesn’t feel that way. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt positive and confident that I am on the right track, even if I had to do the leg work myself. So in this case I really do think that self diagnosis was really the only option left to me. I couldn’t sit there anymore and do nothing.


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