The click that changed my world?

After I blogged last week, I actually stumbled on to some research which I think may help with my recovery in the future.

I was scrolling through Facebook like many of us do daily, and one of those articles claiming that “These 10 tips will change your life”. Well this time it was a pregnancy hack article (before anyone gets excited, no I’m not pregnant) I clicked on the article not because of the name or because I am overly interested in Pregnancy Life Hacks, but because the picture used on the article as a woman with tape on her belly.

Infact, here is the picture. img_1025-768x1024

The reason this picture grabbed my attention was because it suddenly dawned on mE: Kinesio Taping!!

I read the little bt of information that the Facebook link had with it, and it sent me on a search for the full article.
The physio had used kinesio tape on my shoulder injury to help with the recovery and it had aided me with the pain. I didn’t think it would be able to be used on my belly, or for the pains that I have. It seemed ridiculous, I had seen many sports people use the tape and had even used it myself a number of times, most recently with my shoulder as I earlier said, so seeing a pregnant woman getting relief from pain in their abdomen with the tape blew my mind.
It was suddenly opening up possibilities in my mind.
I searched out the article, I found it so easily, and I read it here.
As I read all the ways that the tape could be placed on the abdomen to help instantly reduce pain for pregnant women I began to research more. I soon found that Kinesiotape was being used to help patients after surgery to reduce scar tissue, and adhesions. I began to read more, finding website after website, and even a case study by a hospital in London.

And another one discussing scar tissue.

The research suggested that the use of kinesio tape, increased blood flow, and in very basic terms encourages movement and stimulation in the area and allows for healing. It also decreased pain, increased the speed of recovery and even left people with less scaring.

So, I shall be talking to my drs and surgeons about the possibility of me using tape in my recovery. I shall let you all know how I get on, and if I am able to use it, and if it does in fact help me. I mean I don’t know if I am properly understanding what I have read, but it is definitely worth me looking in to right?




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