I had been quiet

I also wanted to do a quick post just to cover why I had been quiet for a week.

Obviously I had been doing research for some of it, but there was also another reason. It is really nice for once too, to be able to say that the reason I hadn’t been blogging wasn’t because I was unwell, it was due to happiness.

This weekend has been a Bank Holiday weekend and, I spent 3 amazing days with my fiance. We didn’t do anything special, we just had the house to ourselves (and the dogs) and we were anti-social. (Other than popping to see my nan and doing some shopping at Tesco)

But we just stayed in, ate great food, watched films and tv, played games, and were just really happy. Obviously there were times that I didn’t feel great, but Harry took care of me. If I had a headache or pains and felt sick, he would give me extra cuddles or a message, rub the oils I’ve been given by my reflexologist.

I cannot tell you how pleased it makes me to be able to say that I didn’t blog because I was too busy being happy.
Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed with a very happy relationship, granted we have had our ups and downs, like any relationship but we are always stronger for it, but all weekend there wasn’t a single second where I wished I was somewhere else or doing anything else.

It was weird today when he had to go back to work, the dogs and I have missed him.
Anyway… he should be back in a bit. I better go. I can’t wait to see him.


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