So much for resting

Today I came to a realisation, that the more I know I should rest the more incapable I become to do so.

After 3 days of doing a lot over the weekend and reaching the point of collapse, I woke up this morning, aching from head to toe, but knowing that there was too much to do to stay in bed.

So today, I:

  • Put a load of washing I had done over night out on the line and put another load in
  • Cleaned the garden from dog poop ready to mow the lawn
  • Bathed both dogs as I noticed that they had found fox poop before myself in the garden and had both had a jolly good time rolling about in it.
  • Hung the next load of washing out and put another on to wash
  • Jet Washed my Nan’s drive way and front path
  • Went and saw Harry’s mum
  • Went back to my Nan’s to collect the Mac & Cheese she had made me to say thank you but to also save me from having to cook. (Plus her mac & cheese is the best ever!)
  • Washed up and dried up
  • Hung the next load of washing out
  • Hoovered the whole house (stairs and all – which I know I shouldn’t be doing as I’m not meant to lift… but I had 2 dogs, 1 of which malts like I’ve never seen before and it needs to be done daily)
  • Furminated (brushed) the dogs
  • Washed up again because somehow Harry managed to eat loads more.
  • Got the washing in
  • Washed up for a 3rd time, this time the plates from dinner
  • Walked the dogs

I think that is everything, pretty much anyway. And here I am, at gone midnight, exhausted and in agony, yet unable to sleep. Typical for my life. I’ll be unable to move tomorrow because I did so much today. But let’s see if I can stay in bed…



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