1 good day ruins another.

I miss the days when having a great day didn’t mean that the day after, and probably at least the next 3 days after that didn’t leave me in agony, exhausted and bed ridden.

Friday was one of the best days I’ve had in a while. It feels really great to be able to write that I had a great day, but I am also filled with sadness that I am writing this from bed (again) after having spent most of the day in bed, which meant that I had to miss out on something else I really wanted to do.
Today Harry played at the Fat Boy Seven’s rugby tournament, in support of Help for Heroes. There is always next year, but I wish that I didn’t have to miss out on normal fun things that I was looking forward to, because I had plans the day before too. I want to go back to the days of doing as many things on as many days as I wanted without my body breaking.

Friday morning started with me hitting the snooze button for over an hour before I could finally crawl from bed in to the shower.

Once I was up it was ok, it just takes me a long time for my body to start-up. So after a laugh and a sing in the car with my mum we arrived at the wedding venue. We met with our decorator who happened to be doing a wedding at the hotel that day, and it was finally nice to meet the woman who I had been emailing for a month discussing the vision Harry and I have for our wedding.
We met and instantly I loved her, she was amazing, all the worries that I had disappeared immediately. I was worried that her prices were too good to be true, but then seeing her at work and everything she was doing for this wedding Friday, I suddenly realised that she is basically underselling herself – Everything she was doing yesterday was beautiful and I cannot wait to work with her more for our wedding.
But anyway, as we had arranged to meet so early originally, she was worried that not enough of the room had been decorated for me to really see what her company has to offer, so she asked if I was able too, could I returned in the afternoon to see it all finished and talk more.

So, my mum and I drove from Wotton back to Horsham, where we picked my nan up and took her to the garden centre. I look taking her, as she still loves gardening and I’m so pleased that at nearly 90 she is still able to do it, and is still passionate.
Anyway, we took her around the garden centre, and then grabbed a quick cup of tea and a bit of cake.

We then got back in the car, and rather than taking her home, we took her back to the wedding venue with us, as she hadn’t seen it all yet.
She was so excited when she realised we were taking her, and then once I had walked arm in arm with her to the suite where our wedding reception will be, having stopped to point out to her the place Harry had proposed and explained the ideas we have for the day, like games on the lawn or patio and the canapes and drinks there too if its nice, or in the bar area. Once we got to the suite, I started talking to the decorator and her team again and I was blown away with how much work they had done in the few hours and how beautiful it was… but secretly I was thinking mine and Harry’s wedding will be even better.
But then I noticed my nan, walking with my mum this time, and she was getting a bit emotional. I asked if she was ok, and she just said that it was beautiful and like a fairy tale. I then talked her through what was planned for my day and she was getting more and more excited.

We then went back to the bar and we had a drink and some lunch. The food in the hotel is amazing, and this time I went for just a margarita pizza. IMG_7661.JPG

The picture obviously doesn’t do it justice, but OMG.

After being at the hotel mum dropped me back home whilst she dropped nan home, and I sat in the garden and played with the dogs until Harry got home.
We then talked about the meeting at the hotel and about everything we’d talked about and he was pleased with it all.
Then Harry and I went to town, we went to the comic book store and then Harry got his hair cut. Sounds super lame, but because he’s been on call we’ve not had much time together, so even going to the barbers together was lovely.

Then we came home, I cooked up dinner and we watched some rubbish TV before Harry dropped me at my best friends, before he went on to his friends for a “boys night”.

I took the basket and rose petals around with me, because my best friends daughter (my god-daughter) is going to be my flower girl. She’s only 2 and a half at the moment, but she is already super excited about the wedding.
I love her so much, she is always so happy to see me, and I’m always greeted with the biggest smile and last night a high-pitched squeal and a shout of “AUNTY EM!!!”
Alex (my best friend) even joked last night as I came in: ‘Oh, now you’re happy. You’ve just been a little madam” and as I picked her up for a cuddle she giggled. Alex was like “She’s been at Fishers Farm all day with nursey so she’s super tired and she’s been miserable since we got home. Apparently all it takes is you!”

She made me the standard cup of tea whilst I explained to this beautiful and intelligent 2 and a half year old that I had a special basket for her, to go with her job at my wedding.
She was soooooo happy when she saw the basket. We then filled it with petals and she picked it up so quickly, walking and throwing petals. She had so much fun. Eventually we put it all away and explained to her she can practice whenever she wants before my big day. Honestly she was so happy. She then spent the rest of the time holding my hand and showing me her toys or sitting on my lap and giving me cuddles. I then took her upstairs and bathed her whilst Alex and I talked about so mcuh random crap. (We’ve been friends since Alex was born, so 26 years, and it’s amazing that we still have anything to talk about or that we are even friends.)
She had so much fun with me that she even let us wash her hair, which she usually HATES!
Then we swapped over and Jake – Alec’s husband took over as he reads the story and put hers to be. I got the biggest hug and kiss goodnight. She really does make me so happy. She’s a bit of sunshine in my overwise generally overcast life.

Alex and I then carried on talking and laughing until Harry picked me up. We then came home and then got in to bed and chatted and watched some tv.

But that is when the good ends. This morning Harry got up to get ready for rugby and I just stayed where I was. I was in so much pain and my belly was so sore and bloated that I looked 6 months pregnant.
Harry didn’t even have to say anything, he just kissed me and said bye, telling me to stay in bed until I feel better.
I only got out of bed to let the dogs out or to pop to the shop to get my Nan her paper like she asked in her phonecall this morning. I then got back in bed for a while, until I had some energy to wash up. How Exciting.

Harry surprised me with Chinese for dinner when he came home, which was amazing. Because 1) I had been craving chinese today, but 2) because he had seen how poorly I was this morning and knew he can’t cook and that I wouldn’t be up for it, as my mum was away too. So I ate in bed, and we carried on watching tv and playing games until Harry fell asleep, when I continued on, unable to sleep because of the mix of insomnia and pain that plagues my life… and here I am. Writing yet another overly lengthy post, about nothing in particular.

I will sign off here, and take more medication, attempt to find something I haven’t watched on Netflix, and wait to repeat a day in bed tomorrow. Harry’s working again tomorrow, so I’ll be without him again. But he is off Monday, which means we get a day together. I am looking forward to it so much.



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