My posts have been lacking again… But this time I have a genuine reason.

Sammy, my pointer, who I utterly adore and is my second shadow has been in the vets.

What went from being an already big op which would have seen him in the vets for one night, turned in to a possibly life threatening operation and he’s been there since Friday morning and no word yet on a definite date for him to come home.

He ruptured his cruciate ligament a few weeks ago and he went in to have it repared/have it fixed. And the vets ended up cutting his artery with the saw…


So he has been kept in ever since and has been feeling very sorry for himself.

He wasn’t well enough for visitors Friday night, so we went and saw him Saturday.

Harry went in the morning and he said he didn’t even get up to see him. So Harry got in the kennel bit with him and cuddled him.
I went in the afternoon, and the vet said that he had hardly been up other than when forced to in order to go to the loo, and he hadn’t eaten.
When I went in, he got straight up, and as I opened the cage door and knelt down he pushed his head straight in to my chest. He was shaking and his tail was between his legs. I soothed him in all the ways I knew he liked and gave him kisses and cuddles and just kept saying “It’s ok, mummys here” I know this might sound sad or mad to many of you, but actually, I do feel like he is my baby.
The soothing worked and I got him to calm down, and then I got him to eat a few biscuits. After I left I did sob my heart out in the car.

We called this morning and they said that after I had left he ate his dinner, but that he hadn’t eaten breakfast this morning, so they asked if we could go down a little later.
We went down this afternoon and they said “He will be pleased to see you, he’s a lot more alert today” That was nice to hear. We went in and he was straight up and wagging his tail and came out his cage and had cuddles. Again I got him to eat a few more biscuits so I am hoping that after we left he ate again.
But I could tell he is ready to come home. When we left today he cried and scratched on the cage, so again that was fucking hard leaving him. But FINGERS CROSSED, if he has a good night tonight, he can come home tomorrow. And I shall give him so many kisses and cuddles.
Just waiting for the vet to ring me tomorrow and give us some good news.
As much as I want him home, I know that he is in the best place. Especially with this problem artery now. They won’t send him home until they are happy that it won’t open again, and I know he wants to come home but at the same time, he’s in a nice, quiet, safe place. The more he rests the quicker he will mend.

The stress of worrying about Sammy isn’t doing me any favours healthwise though.
I’m exhausted and I’m in agony but I am powering through.


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